Becoming a Candela Center of Excellence

Anyone who knows me or is a patient can tell you that I’m passionate about lasers. I bought the original IPL machine in Nevada in 1999. And since then I’ve had an array of lasers, lights, and machines in my office. In many instances, I was the first to bring certain modalities to the state. This includes not only the IPL story above, but also, Thermage (years ago), Venus Freeze (which we still use), and InMode Fractora (which we still use). I believe that lasers are one of the best things to have been introduced in the field of dermatology in the last 20 years.

I bought my first Candela laser in 1983. It was a CO2 laser and could basically remove paint from the walls it was so strong. Since then, lasers and light modalities have been tweaked and contained so that they are targeted, safer, and have more versatility than ever. And Candela is one of the laser companies leading this charge.

Besides loving the concept of lasers and what they can do, one of my passions in the last 15 years has been to train other physicians and technicians on the ways to use and maximize lasers. I am proud to say that I’ve trained over 200 physicians and offices from around the country. I’ve done this for a few different companies, but recently joined Candela as one of their Centers of Excellence.

This means my office has most of their devices, and that we can teach other practitioners some of my tried and true secrets. I’m proud that my team and I were selected to join this distinguished group of providers.


Happy Patient

I am a happy patient of Dr. Rueckl.  I have had Fractora several times.  Couldn’t be happier.
– S.P.


Hi everyone at Lakes Dermatology!!!

Wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone for helping me look my best for my competition this past Saturday July6th.
I WON!!! Took first place ? on both of the categories I competed and took overall on both which I broke record, no-one has won 2 overalls in one show.
Thank you ??


I Love This Place!

I love this place. My first step in their office, I was like, whoa! It’s beautiful! I was sent here by the VA for some skin issues and the doctors here are truly amazing. He listens to every single complaint I’ve had without any judgment and is very positive about my treatment plan! Even the nurses and ladies behind the desks were super friendly. I definitely recommend this place!!


Does The Best Lips!

Does the best lips! He’s also a really skilled injector. I don’t even think he numbed me, but I barely felt anything. It was nice not to do a dental block. He gave me the exact (natural) look I was going for. Not obviously fake at all but I DID get compliments on my lips from a few of my doctor friends!


The Best Doctor Ever!

The best Doctor ever! I’ve been dealing with rosacea for years and he was the only doctor who really help me. Im really glad that i find this amazing person he’s so kind, professional humble

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