Melanie Wade was born in Murray, UT, and moved to Las Vegas as a child. She started working in dermatology at a very young age and actually graduated high school one year early to become a Medical Assistant with a dermatology practice. She came to work at Lakes Dermatology in 2006. Melanie attended nursing school to expand her training further and graduated in 2018 and is now a Registered Nurse. She is currently in school again to ultimately obtain a license as a Nurse Practitioner.

Melanie is exceptionally well-trained and assists Dr. Rueckl and Ross with surgeries, procedures, prescriptions, biopsies, and general patient care. She is familiar with all product lines offered by the offices and can assist you with your skincare needs, as well as any questions you have about procedures performed by Dr. Rueckl and Ross or those at The Spa. Melanie has also expanded her knowledge to become certified in several of the more ablative lasers upstairs at Lakes Dermatology and often works with Dr. Rueckl on training other physicians and offices with these devices. She also serves as a trainer for Candela Lasers around the country.

Melanie’s favorite procedure: PicoWay tattoo removal

Melanie’s favorite SkinCeuticals product: HA Intensifier