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Why Antioxidants?

What Do Antioxidants Do?

An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons or hydrogen from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals. In turn, these radicals can start chain reactions. When the chain reaction occurs in a cell, it can cause damage or death to the cell. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions. They do this by being oxidized themselves, so antioxidants are often reducing agents. Antioxidants are in foods, industrial products, and skincare items.

Check Your Skin Regularly, Please!

The importance of checking your skin! Skin cancer is on the rise!

It is projected that there will be nearly 4 million new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosed this year in the U.S., which is on the rise. Additionally the incidence of melanoma in situ continues to increase with an estimated 56,000 to be newly diagnosed in 2012.

What's The Best Treatment For Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition usually involving inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and even eyelids. It can also persist on the neck and chest/decollete as well. It generally appears as redness, prominent spider-like veins or broken capillaries, swelling, or even eruptions similar to acne. It is exacerbated by sun, hot foods, exercise, stress, changes in temperatue, and alcohol. There is no "cure" for rosacea but there are skin treatments and some products that can help.


ABCDES Of Moles/Nevi

If you've recently spotted a new mole on your skin, the first rule is, don't panic. Many people develop moles, atypical or acquired, over their lifetimes and many of these are completely healthy. The medical term for a mole is a nevus; the plural is nevi. While it's great to check your skin thoroughly every-so-often, not every spot or mole that comes up is cancer, or melanoma. When you notice something new, employ the ABCDEs, because unsafe, cancerous, or melanoma sites tend to have:


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