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In an effort to keep you informed about the latest products and procedures, please visit our Skincare Blog. And if you have any questions about any of these articles, please don't hesitate to call our office. Thanks for visiting!

The Nobel Prize For Medicine Could Have A Future Effect On Skincare and Cosmetic Aesthetics

Further advancing research done by British scientist John Gurdon, Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanak co-received the Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine this year. According to to the Associated Press, "By sprinkling four genes on ordinary skin cells, Yamanaka discovered a virtual fountain of youth for cells:

Should I Use A Retinol?

Retinol products are derived from Vitamin A. There are various forms of retinols, including those that are used for the skin. Retinols for skin are often used to treat acne, as well as sun and general skin damage. The reason it works is because it increases and speeds up cell turnover. While this can be irritating for some people's skin, when used properly, almost anyone can tolerate a retinol product. There are retinol products available only by prescription, and some more cosmetic varieties that aren't as high of strength, and therefore available without a prescription. Retinol products are good when you start to see sun damage reaching the surface, as well as when you want to kick up your skincare regimen a notch.

Illegal Medspas

Penalties for Illegal Medspas Rise - A First Step by the State of California

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill designed to minimize unlicensed practice of medicine, which is aimed at protecting consumers of medical spas where illegal procedures are being performed. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov

Medical spas that provide illegal non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic procedures both in physician's offices, as well as at standalone facilities, are being targeted.

My Makeup Has Sunscreen - Why Do I Need More?

We love multi-use, multi-purpose products, but sunscreen in makeup isn't one of them. There are a number of reasons that makeup in sunscreen isn't the same as applying a good regular sunscreen. The first is that it's a secondary purpose of the product, meaning the goal of the makeup is to be just that - makeup (foundation, powder, etc.). Even though it has sunscreen ingredients, it doesn't have the proper amount of coverage or the capabilities to protect against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Additionally, for most people, you need to use 7-14x the normal amount of powder or foundation to get the SPF coverage stated on the makeup packaging. Who's doing that? Without the capabilities to protect against UVA and UBV rays, your makeup simply isn't doing enough.


"Brotox" - a hot topic in dermatology

We've all heard about Botox Cosmetic, but did you know the hottest rising consumer for this procedure is men? In recent articles and news stories it's been reported that there's been a stunning 258% rise in the number of men undergoing Botox treatments – now commonly referred to as ‘Brotox’ – between 2000 and 2010. In 2010 alone just under 350,000 males received some form of Botox treatment. (This could be for cosmetic use on the face, or commonly men receive Botox for hyperhydrosis – excessive sweating.)

Melanoma On The Rise

Melanoma is on the rise in the U.S. - see how SkinCeuticals is helping

One of the most unfortunate parts of being a dermatologist is telling patients they have melanoma, and more unfortunately I've had to do this more and more in the past few years because melanoma is on the rise. Even more scary - I've seen it in younger and younger patients every year. As physicians we tell people the importance of using daily sunscreen and checking your body frequently for any new spots or lesions. We also stress the importance of seeing a dermatologist yearly (or even bi-yearly if you've ever had something dangerous in the past).

Vitamin D and The Sun

Dr. Rueckl says he consistently hears that patients go out in the sun and avoid sunscreen to "make sure they are getting enough Vitamin D." The truth is, you need just a few minutes of sun - even indirect sun - for your body to produce Vitamin D from the exposure to UVB rays.


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