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Legacy By Venus Concept

Lakes Dermatology, Las Vegas, Nevada Announces The Installation Of Legacy By Venus Concept, A -0- Downtime Procedure To Lift and Sculpt The Face, Neck and Body

Radio Frequency and Megnetic Pulse Therapy Has Been Used Effectively In The Treatment Of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Cellulite and Pockets Of Fat On The Body. Lakes Dermatology Is The First To Introduce Legacy In Las Vegas.

Black and Gray Market Injectables

Botox, hyaluronic acid, fillers from overseas, and more - black and gray market injectables.

I'm often asked by patients how they can see specials for injectors offering Botox for $3/unit or a syringe of Restylane for $200. The answer is black and gray market injectables. Black market injectables would be those that are compounded by illegal pharmacies or companies that are selling illegal copies of fillers or Botox. It happens a lot. We get emails and faxes all the time from companies who offer amazing deals on injectables. But they aren't legitimate and they are fraud.

Compound Controversy

Many of my patients use compounded medicines, and I get many compounded medicines for use within my office (numbing cream!). Restricting compounded pharmacies will inhibit many patients from necessary drugs, and even inhibit some treatments I offer, possibly. Please help protect your right to personalized medicine and compounding.

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Beware Of Natural Cosmetics

Dr. F. Victor Rueckl of Lakes dermatology, Las Vegas stated today that consumers should beware that natural cosmetics may not be natural at all

A nationally renowned dermatologist, Dr. F. Victor Rueckl of Lakes Dermatology warned consumers today that so called "natural" products may not be any more natural than others on the market. Green packaging, suspect ingredients and other marketing tools are used to lure the customer into believing that the product is superior quality.

"The good news is that consumers can protect themselves by learning to read cosmetic labels and choosing which types of products are right for them," said Dr. F. Victor Rueckl, dermatologist located in Las Vegas, Nevada today.
Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Natural Cosmetics | Essential Oils | Beware

With all of the false information on cosmetics labels it can be very difficult to determine which products are safe, which brands are handing the consumer a line and which ones will deliver results. The latest buzz in cosmetic advertising and marketing is to appear “all natural” or healthy without actually being any of those things. The packaging is green, the slogans are too and it’s nearly impossible to knows what’s healthy or not.

The FDA oversees cosmetics safety. In reality, cosmetics in our country are extremely under-regulated. For example, out of the over 10,000 cosmetic ingredients available for use, only about 10% have been actually tested for safety. The average person uses around 13 different cosmetic/personal care products daily. That number represents that only 2 of the products one uses regularly has actually passed safety testing. Loose or nonexistent rules on ingredient usage and labeling rules make safety in cosmetics a bit of a toss up.

Accutane and IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Taking Accutane is always a hotly contested topic, but as I've stated again, and again, and again, I think that when prescribed by appropriately trained physicians, and when patients comply with the regimen, it is a safe medication and the only cure for acne. According to Dermatology Times, the news from prior years that Accutane (isotretinoin) was linked to IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) was also incorrect and grossly overstated.


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