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The Lakes Dermatology Library allows our patients to see our doctor's nationally published articles, photos, and videos. Many of the published articles, videos, and photos are used for other doctors, research and much more. We made these available to our followers so that they can see how actively involved in the medical community we are. We stay abreast of all developments in our field, work with companies such as InMode and Allergan to train other doctors too. This means that when you visit Lakes Dermatology and see Dr. F. Victor Rueckl and Dr. James Q. Del Rosso, you'll know you are in the best possible hands for your skin care.

Improved Understanding of Inflammation in Acne Pathophysiology:

Leading to New Developments in Treatment

New technologies have shown the presence of inflammatory pathways throughout all stages of acne lesion formation.


Acne vulgaris (AV) is the most common skin disorder seen in ambulatory dermatology practices in the US. As a result, advances in pathophysiology that can lead to new therapies are always of high interest. Our understanding of the pathophysiology of AV is evolving as new technologies have shown the presence of inflammatory pathways throughout all stages of acne lesion formation. As our understanding of the pathophysiology of AV increases, researchers can focus on targeting specific points in cascades of inflammation as they develop new therapies to treat AV.

To Read the entire article, please click here to download a PDF.

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