What is Mesotherapy and what does it do?

img 2977Mesotherapy is the injection of a solution that stimulates the mesoderm of skin, melting fat and cellulite by lysing (breaking apart) the adipose tissue. This tissue is then absorbed by the body and passed out through normal lymphatic drainage.

In our office, Dr. Rueckl uses phosphatidile choline 10% (PTC) with lidocaine and/or deoxycholate with lidocaine for the injection solutions. These are proven to be the best and safest compounds to achieve results.

Most people get a good response to mesotherapy, achieving both weight and inch-loss over a series of treatments. Treatments are usually done about every three weeks. This gives the body time to absorb the adipose tissue injected at each session.

Where is Mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy is most often done on smaller pockets or areas of fat, such as the "love handles," "saddle bags," stomach or lower back, arms, neck, and buttock areas. If you have several areas to be treated, it's best to schedule several sessions as only a certain amount of mesotherapy solution should be injected into the body at one time.

Most people need a series of mesotherapy sessions to receive the best results. Your specific plan will be set during your initial consultation with Dr. Rueckl. New areas of cellulite, fat, and adipose tissue can develop over time and you may need additional treatments over the years.

What is a Mesotherapy treatment like?

img 2983Dr. Rueckl and a Medical Assistant will discuss your treatment with you and have you sign a consent for the procedure. Prior to your mesotherapy session, a topical anesthetic will be applied to the area to be treated to reduce discomfort during the procedure. This anesthetic will be removed after approximately 15 minutes. Before Dr. Rueckl injects the site, a medical assistant will pre-chill each injection site with a cold air chiller to reduce any discomfort you might experience. During the procedure, Dr. Rueckl will inject the mesotherapy solution in a grid-like pattern into the area using a fine-gauge needle. The solution injected also contains lidocaine so it will slightly numb the treated area, reducing any associated pain, stinging, bruising, and swelling. After Dr. Rueckl finishes the injections, we will have you ice the treated area for awhile before leaving the office. Each treatment, including pre-treatment numbing and post-treatment icing should take about 45 minutes.

What kind of results can I expect from a Mesotherapy treatment?

Post procedure, some patients may experience a light stinging in the treated area but it should not be excessive. Patients should expect some bruising and in some cases a "knot-like feeling" at the injection site. Applying ice at home can help, and using Arnica, a natural anti-bruising medication that can be taken orally or applied topically, can help further.

You should have realistic expectations and remember that multiple sessions will be necessary. Each mesotherapy session will get rid of more and more adipose tissue in the treated area.

How much does Mesotherapy cost?

Mesotherapy is charged per visit. Treatment prices are based upon the amount of solution being injected, which corresponds to the size and location of the treated area. A treatment for the neck is normally $100-$150 per session, while a treatment for the "love handles" is usually $200-$300. Prices for your specific area will be determined during the initial consultation.

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